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wow paladin icon Paladin Heirloom Project Part VI (51-60)

Posted by Khor | 9/28/2009

Continuing with my Paladin Heirloom Project, I am going to post levels 51 through 60 here. I stayed in Azeroth for the entire duration, not leaving at 58 to go to the Outlands, because quest stacking is the best in vanilla WoW content. I like to stay in Azeroth and Kalimdor to finish my questing to 60.

If you need to look back on the other heirloom posts, here is a list of everything thus far:

Paladin Heirloom Project Part VI

Levels: 51-60

Zones Involved: Hinterlands (50-51), Alterac Valley (51), Searing Gorge (51-53), Western Plaguelands (53-55), Un'Goro Crater (55-57), Eastern Plaguelands (57-59), Silithus (59-60)

Training at Levels: 54, 58, 60

Overall Time Elapsed: 1 day, 16 hours, 44 min

Gear Purchased: Done by a bank toon every couple levels, random BoE greens of the Bear and of the Tiger for level 50-56. Lightforge Gauntlets, Belt, and Bracers at the appropriate levels, just for nostalgic purposes. At level 57, the Outland BoE gear becomes wearable, and gives a huge boost to stats. Ever since I hit level 35 or so I had started purchasing this gear, of the Tiger, of the Beast, of the Soldier, and of the Bear.


  • Quest stack as much as you can. Each zone in this level range provides for optimal quest stacking, so make sure you are taking advantage of it.
Alterac Valley
  • At level 51, head to the Alterac Valley entrance in the Alterac Mountains, just north of Southshore. There are 5 quests available, so grab them all and queue up for AV. Complete them all for easy, easy experience.
  • When in AV, make sure to loot dead player corpses for Armor Scraps to turn in at the respective bases. Just one turn in is a 10,000xp quest. Only xp on the first turn in though.
  • With experience in battlegrounds now, on top of completing the 6 total quests, youll get additional xp for completing BG objectives. Enjoy the onslaught of XP.
  • While many players are leveling up in AV alone, my leveling path is quicker than BGs, so I only entered this twice, the second time only to complete my last quest I didn't get the first time (the banner).
Un'Goro Crater
  • Make sure to bring/purchase a Mithril Casing for the A-ME escort quest.
Eastern Plaguelands
  • How does a free 60,000xp in 20 seconds sound? Well it's possible with the turn ins available here. If you did all the Argent Dawn quests in Western Plaguelands, you should be friendly with the Argent Dawn, making these quest turn-ins available.
  • Make sure to purchase (or if you have looted them, great) 30 of each of the following for the one-time turn-in that grants XP: Savage Fronds, Bone Fragments, Dark Iron Armor Scraps, Core of Elements, Crypt Fiend Armor.
  • Only thing I did here was do enough quests to get me to 60. Then I hearthed to Stormwind to prepare for my next phase of leveling: Outlands!

Having all of my attack abilities, save Divine Storm, I was blowing, and by blowing, I mean annihilating, anything that came across my path. I was killing quicker than a hunter and a rogue (yes, I have leveled both).

Alterac Valley was a refreshing change of pace, and I almost got a full level from just 2 runs alone with the added quests.

I was a couple levels ahead of each zone by this point, so everything was very easy to knock out. Even when I had to kill Araj the Summoner in Western Plagues, I did so at 59 with extroadinary ease...not to mention taking out all the mobs around him as well. The two quests that involved killing him, I saved for my last ones to ding 60.

The coming test was Outlands, as I knew my dominance would be a bit lessened with the content there.

Next up: levels 61-70.