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wow paladin icon Reasons to Paladin #1

Posted by Khor | 6/28/2009

Crusader Aura

Increases mounted speed by 20%.

I don't know about you, but an increase to mounted speed by 20%, which is what I am traveling by 75% in-game, is huge. I'm not sure people realize how much of a time-saver this really is.

At level 63, we can purchase this, and with larger areas to cover in BC and WotLK content, it's a must-have.

Try this on for size. Let's say you spend 5 hours of played time on your mount at levels 63-80, without the aura. With the aura, you knock out 1 whole hour, reducing time to 4 hours. That's 1 hour saved by using the aura. For me, I actually probably am on longer than 5 hours, but it's a nice round number.