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wow paladin icon RCC Raiding - 6/25/09

Posted by Khor | 6/27/2009

Council, Kologarn, Auriaya, and Hodir all went down. Lack of time prevented us from moving on further, though we did throw a couple unsuccessful 23-man attempts at Thorim. This time around, yours truly got one piece of gear...a healing helm. That puts my 25-man totals to 2 pieces of ret gear, and 5 pieces of healing gear! Whugh! The 2 ret pieces are a cloak and a ring...while the healy items are all plate. Need me some better plate DPS gear. That and another weapon to replace my crappy Armageddon. At 25-man Ulduar level, I should really be above that. WTB more 10-man Ulduar runs, at least.

Hodir still gave us fits. I died several times from icicles and the like. My frustration was building as I died twice from lack of heals very early on, we're talking first minute or so deaths. One of the times I was smashed mid-Holy Light. I love our healers and they do a great job on a very consistent basis, but we had a Pally healer DC'ing throughout the encounter which I believe was what hurt us the most.

The other part was a lack of DPS, as you can see from the WWS numbers I linked below. Getting knocked around so often, I struggle to find the beams to jump into, but I get there as much as I can. However, by looking at the numbers, I can see we still have some issues regarding DPS on that fight. We are too close on the enrage timer, and it's showing me that it's very hard for some people to get to the beams. Ah well, it's a tough encounter. Probably this and Thorim are my least favorites.

Anyways, guild run tomorrow, but yet again I will miss it because of work. Raiding 2 out of 3 days a week isn't bad for me.

My DPS was much better this week, and here are the logs to show: WWS

I still need more gear upgrades to boost that number. I feel I could really put up some high numbers when my gear gets better.

Still hoping next week we can knock out a few more bosses the first day, allowing for additional attempts on other bosses on Thursday.