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wow paladin icon Welcome to Retribution Paladins!

Posted by Khor | 6/13/2009

Welcome to RetributionPaladins.BLOGSPOT.com!

I am a casual/hardcore WoW'er, and my main, as you can probably guess, is a Ret Pally. Retributon is my favorite of the three trees, though I dabble in the two others when needed. My focus here is going to be on what I enjoy: raiding, PvE, daily quests, soloing old content, making gold, and just about anything and everything else I feel like discussing.

I have started this blog as a little side project while I am at work. I am either painfully busy here, or painfully slow. At the moment, it is the latter, and I am busy trying to get this blog set up. I am a stay-at-home dad, have been married for 2 years, and have a beautiful new baby girl! Life is great!

I hope you enjoy my blog, and as I gather more posts and content, feel free to browse around!