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wow paladin icon Retribution Paladins - Addons

Posted by Khor | 7/18/2009

WoW add-ons are not exactly my favorite thing. Sometimes I feel like they are just too much to keep up with. However, some are vital to gameplay, and even I will admit that. As I play retribution paladins most of the time, my add-ons and mods are very similar. I have compiled a list below, but notice I have no major UI add-ons. I use the vanilla UI. Call me old school, but it's the best for me.

As a Ret Paladin, there are certain World of Warcraft addons you should absolutely have. Here is my core 4 list:

  • Pally Power - An absolute must. An easy to use interface that allows a Paladin to manage his/her blessings, as well as that of others in a party or raid, if they are the raid leader or raid assist.
  • Deadly Boss Mods - This is an all-inclusive warning/alert add-on for all raid bosses. If you don't have this addon, your survivability will plummet. Another must-have.
  • Omen - Omen is a threat meter. This add-on warns you when you are about to pull threat off the current tank. The way paladin DPS is in its current state, I have to have this, not only for bosses, but for trash mobs as well. Paladin burst AoE DPS is so heavy that I often have that flashing red screen warning me I'm about to pull threat.
  • Grid - Even though Retribution Paladins are not main role healers, it's still a good idea to have this interface add-on for quick resurrections, salvations, or last second heals.
  • RatingBuster - A great addon that allows you to compare stats on your current gear with any other item you are viewing. Very helpful in determining upgrades.

I understand many people use different UI's, but I stick with the vanilla WoW UI. So I won't throw out any recommendations, as they would be solely based on hearsay. I would much rather recommend something I am actually using.

That said, here are a couple other addons I use to help out with other aspects of gameplay:

  • Bagnon - A great addon to combine all your bags into one. Highly customizable with the ability to view not only your current toon's bags, but your alts' as well. Also displays your total gold server-wide, as well as how much each toon has regardless of which character is logged on.
  • Postal - Enhanced mailbox support. Many features including a recall list of who was recently mailed, as well as your alt toon list. My favorite is the easy emptying 'open all' option, that displays gold earned via AH sells, as well as any items obtained. Check it out.