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wow paladin icon Solo High Priest Thekal - Ret Pally

Posted by Khor | 6/14/2009

So I recently started attempting Thekal for the Tiger Mount in ZG. Still no drop yet, but figuring out the fight took me about 45 minutes of practicing before I got it down. I had done my research on how to solo this, but reading and doing are two different things.

This is a really easy fight in terms of survivability because I haven't ever died to this boss yet. Thekal and his two zealots hit for minimal damage, and if you find yourself not timing the kills right, you can easily run out of his area down the path outside a bit until the boss resets.

First thing I have to do is kill all the packs in the immediate area, which consist of several tigers and 2-3 axe throwers each. Pull them one pack at a time, as I learned the hard way that 4 to 5 axe throwers doing that ridiculous whirlwind keeps me knocked down enough to prevent myself from recovering and healing up. I can survive 2-3 of those twirlers, but more than that and it gets tricky. Once the packs are down, I am good to go.

Buffs are as follows: Retribution Aura, Seal of Light, Blessing of Might, and judging light as well, unless mana is at less than 10%, at which point I'll judge wisdom a couple times. I usually always buff Seal of Light because I rarely have mana issues.

Rotation is the normal FCFS with consecrate included, as it is needed to help burn down all the adds at once.

There are five mobs for the first phase of this fight. Thekal is the main boss, with 4 adds: 2 zealots (Lor'Khan and Zath) and 2 tigers. Key thing to remember here is Lor'Khan is the mob that will heal everyone up. His health needs to be lowest at all times during the fight so he is forced to heal himself.

For this first phase, I really have to pay attention. To get to phase two, Thekal, Lor'Khan and Zath all have to die within about 15 seconds of each other or they will rez back to full health. The way I do this is to pull Lor'Khan with an exorcism and immediately hit avenging wrath and start burning him down as hard and fast as I can. I can get him down to about 25 to 30% or so before he hits his first heal. At that point I switch to Thekal and start burning him down as fast as I can.
I am keeping Divine Storm, consecrate, and ret aura up at all times, as I need the AoE to help me pull through this.

Once Thekal is about 50% I switch back to Lor'Khan as he has healed up to about 75% or so. I burn him down again to lower than Thekal, and he is forced to heal himself again. Then I switch to Zath and burn him down up until the point I see Lor'Khan healing himself once more, then I switch once again back to him and hit him for everything I have. At this point, all three mobs are very close to dying, so I pop Avenging Wrath again, right as Lor'Khan hits 25-30% hp. Lor'Khan goes down first, then I switch to the others and get them down as well.

At that point, Phase two begins and Thekal goes kitty form and it's a breeze after that. He goes down fast, and hardly does any damage. This fight isn't stressful unless you can't get the three bosses down quick enough. Just run out, get a soft reset, and try again. It can be frustrating as hell, but practice makes perfect. For me, if I don't one-shot it on the first try, I usually get it the second.

Good luck on the mount!