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wow paladin icon Intro to Paladin Leveling Guide

Posted by Khor | 7/14/2009

In World of Warcraft, you are given the option to start the game by selecting the race and class of the character you would like to play with. My first toon I ever created was a Paladin, and my last toon was a Paladin as well. They are one of the easiest classes to play and level with. For anyone searching how to powerlevel their character in WoW, here is a start. This simple leveling guide is free, easy, and assumes you have the basic knowledge of the game.

Making Your Character

One of the easiest and hardest parts of the game. I chose to make a Human Paladin, named Khorado. Why do I say hardest? Because choosing the right name can be so difficult at times! Choose your name wisely before playing, because once underway, that's it...you and that name are stuck together forever unless you want to shell out some real-life cash to get it changed.

The reason I am choosing a Human Paladin is because a) I know the Alliance leveling areas backwards and forwards, and b) I can easily show you how to make the most of your time, leveling as quickly as possible.

As a notation, this is not an in-depth look at each quest. There are many of those resources online for free, such as Jame's Alliance Guide, if you are looking for specific quest info. This guide will go more into how to level quickly, with my tips that I've used to level characters to 60 and 70, even 80 as fast as those powerleveling advertisers charging for their services.

Alright, let's continue...

Khor's Tips

Follow these tips to quickly level your toon starting at level 1.

  • Do not loot mobs unless you need to for a quest. For the first 6 levels in the starting zone, there's really no need to loot any enemies you kill, except for mobs that drop quest items. This brings no wealth, and very small upgrades gear-wise. Kill one mob, move on to the next. Rinse and Repeat. This is a huge time saver.
  • When looting is required, equip any and all gear upgrades. Mail is your top priority, but do not be afraid to equip leather, or even cloth if it is an upgrade for that particular gear slot.
  • Do not repair. This is pointless, as the leveling goes so fast that repairing is never necessary.
  • When traveling from one objective to the next, kill everything in your path. This drastically increases your leveling time. Just doing the quests alone may be quicker, but you are much liklier to leave the starting zone at level 4 or 5. We are going for level 6, which is quite easy to do
  • For levels 1-3, try taking on 3 mobs at a time. This is about the maximum I would recommend. Heal if necessary.
  • For levels 4-6, 4 mobs or even 5 can be taken on at a time. Heal if necessary.
  • Once at level 4, stop killing level 1 mobs. At level 5, stop killing level 2 mobs.
  • Practice quest stacking. Do not turn in any quests until all are completed. This is a huge time saver as well, as you are not running back and forth to turn single quests in. This is a common leveling flaw you should try to avoid.
Northshire Valley

1) Alright, we are in the game, so let's get started. Grab the first quest to kill 10 Kobolds, and the quest to kill the wolves as well for their Tough Wolf Meat. First, start killing wolves for their drops. Killing 3 wolves at a time, I easily leveled to level 2 in 3 minutes 34 seconds.

Killing wolves 3 at a time and Level 2 dingage!
2) Move along to the Kobolds, and kill the 10 you need as well. Kill any Kobold Workers in the immediate area, as they are level 3 and will rapidly up your experience gain with each kill. Once the quests are completed, continue killing the lvl 3 Kobold workers until you reachlevel 3. Turn the quests in. Time to level 3 for Khorado: 8 minutes 24 seconds.

Killing the Vermin!
3) Level your skills at your class trainer. You should now have Devotion Aura.

4) Pick up the quests to kill 10 Kobold Workers and to loot 12 Red Bandanas from the Defias across the river. Well, it's more like a creek, but whatever.

5) Up around the mine entrance to the north, kill your 10 workers, and then some. Kill as many Workers or even Laborers (lvl 3-4) until you ding level 4. Here is where I break my quest stacking rule. Run back to turn the Kobold quest in, then quickly go to your class trainer and pick up Blessing of Might and Judgement of Light. The judgement spell is huge, as your dps time to kill mobs just dropped by half. Khorado level 4 in 17 minutes total time played.

Level 4 and Judgement of Light! Easy damage now!
6) Pick up the quest to kill 12 Kobold Laborers. Nowthat you have Judgement of Light, cast this spell as soon as you are within range to use it (it's instant cast) and bludgeon the mob's remaining health down. Not only does it add damage, but it keeps you from having to heal, as it does that on it's own on random procs when you hit your target. Your time to kill a mob should have dropped by half. Now, run back to the mine and kill the laborers. Once done there, exit the mine and kill all the kobold workers in the area in front of the mine entrance. I hit level 5 from these mobs at 24 minutes 52 seconds.

Into the mine to kill Laborers and hitting level 5
7) Run to the Defias encampment and kill enough Defias to loot the 12 bandanas needed. Run back and turn in. If your bags are full, never hesitate to quickly stop by the vendor to sell all your trash.

How many Defias does it take to bring down a Paladin?
8) Pick up the quests to kill Garrick Padfoot and to talk to Milly Osworth. Milly will have you get 8 buckets of her grapes, and you must bring back Garrick's head. Venture back to the Defias encampment and into the vineyard to loot your grapes. Kill anything in your path. This is where I hit level 6, with a total time of 35 minutes 17 seconds. Objective reached! However, I still needed to kill Garrick Padfoot, so I made my way to his shack, took his head, and ran back to turn these final quests in.

Grape picking and Level 6!
9) At level 6, make sure to talk to your trainer again, who will teach Holy Light rank 2 and Divine Protection, a semi-spell shield of sorts.

10) Feel free to make your way to Goldshire now! Don't forget to get the 2 quests in Northshire that require you to talk to individuals in Goldshire.

So, it took me 35 minutes to get to level 6. That's not too bad. It's not record breaking, but it's pretty quick. Had I not been worried about taking a slew of screeshots, I probably could have knocked 5 minutes off that time. So, 30 minutes is what I would say is a good time to get to level 6.

Level 6 !
What's next?

As I continue to level these small toons I will post other guides. Next up would be Goldshire and Elwynn Forest, followed by Dun Morogh. Yeah I said it! Dun Morogh may seem like backtracking, but it actualll helps increase the pace of leveling.

How? Because you gain an extra 2 or 3 levels in that zone, so when returning to Westfall, you are 1-2 levels above the mobs and quests for that area. This allows you to keep a pace where you are constantly having an easier time with mobs and quests in the zone,allowing for faster completetion, thus resulting in quicker leveling.

So stay tuned!