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wow paladin icon RCC Raiding - 7/2/09

Posted by Khor | 7/05/2009

Summers always seem to dwindle raid numbers as people take breaks to enjoy the time off, or are on vacations. This summer is no exception, and with abotu 15 sign-ups for a 25 man Ulduar, we went ahead with a quick 10-man.

We knocked out FL, with two towers left standing, Razorscale, XT hard mode, skipped Ignis, then took out Kologarn and Auriaya.

I came out with Chestplate of Titanic Fury, my 3rd ret upgrade from Ulduar (10 & 25) total. All in all I'm trading off about 3% crit from my Tunic of Indulgence for around 75 attack power, plus armor penetration. Losing the crit makes me wince, since it's a whopping 3% from one piece. It drops me from 29.5% crit unbuffed to 26.5%. Ouch. However, the dps is still coming out a little ahead with the new gear, so I am happy.

Our attempts at XT hard mode ultimately led to success, although it took a few wipes. I died several times, once because I was stupid and popped avenging wrath right before I was supposed to divine sacrifice. I popped divine sacrifice, only to find my divine shield was unavailable from me using AW, thus promptly obliterating me with an onslaught of damage. Like I said, stupid.

I wish we could have pushed out a bit more DPS on the fight, but with limited sign-ups, we did the best with what we had.

Everything else was pretty much uneventful, and the plan is to finish out the 10-man tonight if a 25-man cannot be formed. Working today, so as usual, I'll be waiting for Tuesday's raid!