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wow paladin icon Retribution Paladin - Solo Chillmaw

Posted by Khor | 7/17/2009

How many of you out there are already just about numbed to the bone from sheer boredom thanks to the Argent Tournament daily quests? This retribution paladin is raising his hand. But, to get those Champion's Seals, they must be done. The jousting quest on the tourny grounds is easy, as is the killing 15 scourge. Where the 'difficulty' lies, however, is in Chillmaw and the Citadel quests.

I think we would all agree getting a group for these is the fastest, easiest way to go. But what if you can't get a group going? I, for one, will gladly admit I have no patience to sit and wait for a group for these quests. I'll solo them and move right along. Soloing the citadel jousting is easy, it just takes a bit more time than in a group. Chillmaw, on the other hand, is a tad bit trickier, but it still can be done quite without any great effort.

Here is how I solo Chillmaw as a ret pally:

  1. Buff up with Seal of Light, Blessing of Might, and Retribution Aura. Sacred Shield can be used as well if needed.
  2. When Chillmaw makes his pass over the western ledge of the plateau (he spawns here, too), hit him with Exorcism to pull, then punch Avenging Wrath.
  3. At this point begin your normal FCFS rotation, with Holy Wrath included (undead dragon).
  4. While keeping up with FCFS, kite Chillmaw backwards, slowly. The reason for doing this is so that, when the bombers drop and engage you, the bombs they lay on the ground will not damage you.
  5. Use your Flash of Light when Art of War procs often to keep heals up. Only use Holy Light if you are bubbled.
  6. About 3 out of 4 times I will have to tap Lay on Hands when Chillmaw hits 25% or so. Use Lay on Hands before Divine Shield.
  7. If your health gets too low again, use Divine Shield to heal back up.
  8. Concentrate all DPS on Chillmaw until he is dead.
  9. With the remaining three bombers, continue to kite them backwards, avoiding those pesky bombs. When they are killed, quest complete!
Avoiding those pesky bombs

NOTE: Some non-partied players may try and help you by helping damage Chillmaw and the bombers. While a nice gesture, this can tamper with your quest because they can very easily pull one of the bombers by damaging them before you can, thus making the bomber their target, not yours. So, you may end up with 2 out of 3 bombers killed for your quest. Make sure to keep Consecrate and Divine Storm up to ensure you are tagging your targets.


This really isn't too hard, but it does take some practice. There's no reason for a retribution paladin to sit around and wait for a group when they are perfectly capable of a Chillmaw beat-down themselves.

Hope this helps, and good luck!