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wow paladin icon Paladin Heirloom Project Part VIII (71-80)

Posted by Khor | 9/28/2009

Continuing with my Paladin Heirloom Project, I am going to post levels 70 through 80 here. This is the final stretch, and I will finally get to see how fast it takes to get to 80 with heirloom gear. Let's just say I was shocked at the results.

If Blizzard decides to add any more experience gains to heirloom gear in the future, leveling will become even less of a pain than this was. Keep in mind, on my journey to 80, I rarely stopped to enjoy anything other than questing and leveling. My goal was to get to 80 as quickly as possible, without any distractions.

Hence, I only leveled enchanting and first aid. That was it. No PvP at all except for two AV matches to complete quests I used to level with. Next time around, you can bet I will slow things up just a bit to do all the things I passed up on.

If you need to look back on the other heirloom posts, here is a list of everything thus far:

Paladin Heirloom Project Part VIII

Levels: 71-80

Zones Involved: Howling Fjord (70-72), Borean Tundra (72-75), Grizzly Hills (75-76), Zul'Drak (76-78), Sholazar Basin (78-80)

Training at Levels: 73, 78, 80

Overall Time Elapsed: 3 days, 8 hours, 28 min

Gear Purchased: Done by a bank toon every couple levels, random BoE greens of the Tiger, of the Beast, of the Soldier, and of the Bear. Quest reward gear actually supplied most of my gear. Only had to fill in the gaps with the BoE gear for this level range.


  • Quest stack as much as you can. It's harder in Northrend because everything is so frustratingly linear, and there is a lot of running back and forth because of the limited quest stacking here.
  • Bought the cold weather flying BoA tome on my main Paladin to send to this toon so she could fly at 70. Pure awesome. Travel time reduced by more than 50%
Howling Fjord
  • I did every single quest here, including all the group quests. Every one.
Borean Tundra
  • I did every quest here as well, nothing overly exciting.
  • Had to grab an Overcharged Capacitor from the guild bank for the quest at the gnome airstrip. Other than that, everything was pretty much straight forward.
  • I did all of 4 quests in Dragonblight to get to 75, then skipped the zone completely and moved on to Grizzly Hills.
Grizzly Hills
  • Nothing exciting here. Was only able to do about half of the group quests, as I wasn't quite strong enough. My first time I ran into this problem.
  • Great area to level in, and great quest stacking the further into the zone you get. One of the rare areas in Northrend that promotes solid quest stacking.
Sholazar Basin
  • Another solid quest stacking area, plus you're not flying over the whole zone sporadically to complete quests.

That's it! Leveled from 1-80 in my heirloom gear with my +20% experience gain bonus. A minuscule 3 days, 8 hours, and 28 minutes! That beats my main Paladin's record to 70 by almost 4 DAYS!

I will do another summary post after this, but for now, I leave you with this...buy your heirloom gear for any toon you want to level. It will drastically reduce your leveling time. Just take it one step further, go ret paladin, and see how dominant you can be in the leveling aspect of this game!