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wow paladin icon Never Pay for Guides or Gold

Posted by Khor | 7/12/2009

Alright, so it is time to tackle an issue that just drives me nuts. I absolutely hate that people out there buy guides for World of Warcraft, or buy gold. It is simply not necessary. Did you know that selling gold and services such as powerleveling is a billion dollar business worldwide?!?! Thats crazy! Of course, we're talking about all gaming here, not just World of Warcraft. For those looking to not spend a dime on information and materials that should be free, here are my tips for locating such resources.
  • Search for blogs from everyday WoW players like you and me. On these blogs, people often give detailed accounts of how they make gold, as well as specific experiences you may not find other places. For example, I have 4 articles already on this blog on certain ways I make gold. People creating these blogs often have a true passion for the game, and enjoy writing their content, often providing useful, detailed information. Here are my current posts on how to make gold, and below is a great site I like visiting. We even have similar methods for jewelcrafting!
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Tailoring
  • Herbalism
  • Disenchanting
  • Casual Hardcore <--- Khor recommends this blog!
  • Check the forums on Elitist Jerks, World of Warcraft, amongst other well-known WoW sites. They often have threads (especially EJ) dedicated to gold making methods, and can be hours of good reading. Search for what best fits your playstyle, and implement it.

  • For leveling purposes, check out this in-depth leveling guide. Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide. Personally, I have never used a leveling guide because after 10 toons to at least level 60, you know where just about everything is. But I have checked back on this guide many times, and it is just about the best you can get at no cost to yourself. Playing WoW in windowed mode goes along perfectly while following what Jame's has to offer.

Try and remember that making gold is not always easy. Sometimes the market is down and drags your normal income with it, while at other times it's ridiculously insane and makes you gobs of gold in short amounts of time. Regardless, practice makes perfect, and eventually, it becomes very easy to judge when you will and will not turn heavy profits.

That leads me to this...making gold can be tough at times. Don't be lured into false promises of gold guides offering you 500g per hour or 15000g per week. Those are some pretty tough numbers to hit. What comes along with the methods they promise you comes an understanding of the WoW economy that is obviously not included. That is learned over time.

Is 500g an hour possible? Sure, I can do it. Alot of people can. But do I do it every day? Of course not...maybe 2 or 3 times a week total. Most casual players, and even hardcore players do not devote 100% of their time to making gold. We raid, PvP, level, help out guildies, farm mats, run instances, etc. Gold making becomes a small part of what we do. So don't expect to see 15,000g a week. You're average player won't touch that. Stick with a more reasonable goal of 1000 to 4000g a week. Doing this makes your efforts seem much more efficient and worthwhile.

Remember, gold guides and leveling guides that make lofty promises often fall short on what they actually deliver. It's not worth spending your hard earned cash for information you can easily find on other sites. Yes, it takes a bit of work, but I promise, the knowledge you earn yourself will pay its dividends because you can build your own strategies upon that knowledge, making you far superior to those guides built for the sole purpose of making money.