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wow paladin icon RCC Raiding 7/22/09

Posted by Khor | 7/22/2009

Actually fielding 25 people for a 25-man Ulduar last night shocked me. Of course we didn't hit our 25 until around XT, but we managed to 22 and 23-man FL, Razorscale, and Ignis. Guess who got some ret pally loot?!?! Not me. Again.

Ignis dropped Worldcarver. I was ecstatic. Surely my dice would not let me down. Only 2 of us were rolling, myself and another ret pally. His roll - 24. Hell yeah! I can surely beat a 24. My roll - 12. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with my rolls...I need someone to loan me their dice because mine suck on a very consistent basis.

Ignis also dropped Girdle of Embers, but I had just recently made Belt of the Titans, thus not an upgrade.

After XT, we skipped Council and went straight to Kologarn. Our raids are strictly 3 hours, so we were trying to burn through to the tier bosses, to maximize our attempts onThursday's upcoming raid. Kologarn dropped Wrathstone, but I passed since all the Rogues and Hunters wanted it too. I know it was an upgrade over my Mirror of Truth, but seeing so many others wanting it, I decided to pass.

Auriaya went down in one try as well, though we were sloppy and there were only about 8 of us left standing when she fell. Four of the five Paladins in the raid were alive. Woot to Paladins! The healing plate boots dropped for the umpteenth time, so no gear there.

The last boss we took down was Hodir, cruising in at around 5 minutes to kill (after 1 wipe), so still quite a ways a way from hard mode (3 minute kill). Two tier chest pieces dropped. Yet again, no Pally tier gear. Figures. However, I did get Plans: Treads of Destiny. Doubt we'll ever craft one, but hey, nice to know I have it.

With time running out we made two attempts on Thorim. First attempt the tunnel group was annihilated. Second attempt we got Thorim to 25% or so, but too many people were dead, and eventually the tanks fell. Just wasn't meant to be.

So all in all it was a good raid. 7 bosses down, 8 emblems of conquest, and I finally hit 58 emblems to turn in for my tier 8.5 head piece, Conqueror's Aegis Helm!

In conclusion, I have to admit I pulled a very noob-ish stunt during Ignis and Razorscale. See, it looked like we might be short on healers last night, so I was in heal mode to start the raid out. Halfway through Ignis trash, I was told I could go DPS since the final healer showed up, and I switched in very erratic fashion. My DPS numbers were hideous for Ignis and Razorscale, at which point I realized I had Seal of Light still buffed (and thus was judging it as well), and not Seal ofthe Martyr. Noob move...and it pissed me off too, because I know better than that.

Ah well. Prior engagements won't let me continue on Thursday's raid, but here's to hoping for reaching Yoggs! Good luck guys!