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wow paladin icon WoW - Ret Paladin - Mining Badlands

Posted by Khor | 8/02/2009

Retribution Paladin
Making Gold - Mining Badlands

So, I decided to take a step back into vanilla World of Warcraft to test out some of my very old gold making methods. This one turned out to be pretty decent. It involves mining Mithril and Iron Ore in Badlands.

When I make test runs such as this, I run them in 30 minute intervals, then multiply my earnings by 2. That would give me an estimated gold per hour.

So for this run I came out of Loch Modan and into Badlands from the north entrance. I proceeded to skirt the walls of the zone in a clockwise direction.

They key places to hit with the most mithril are:

  • The whelp area along the eastern edge of the zone. A many as 4 mithril spawns at a time there.
  • The entire southern border, including the rock elemental areas. Will find some iron there as well.
  • The cave in the very southwest corner with the ogre mages. (Save your mageweave drops and sell them!)
  • The southwestern border of the zone adjacent to the ogre cave.
Now, mining is very easy, but it is also a very common method for increasing your WoW wealth. I have 2 recommendations when trying to maximize your profits:
  1. Go as early as possible. I hit this zone at 0820 am central time on a pacific server. This reduces and possibly eliminates all competition. These off-times are ideal when trying to fatten your wallet.
  2. Stay focused on the task at hand. If you are mining, stick to mining and only clearing mobs or objectives that impede progress. This maximizes your earnings.
So, after approximately 32 minutes, I was able to make 3 complete circuits. Here was my count:
  • Mithril Ore x54
  • Iron Ore x43
  • Truesilver Ore x2
  • Heavy Stone x53
  • Solid Stone x82
  • Citrine x3
  • Lesser Moonstone X1
  • Black Vitriol x1
  • 13x Mageweave Cloth
  • 1x Champion's Cape of the Falcon
I ran into no competition, though I saw a 60 Human Paladin grinding the whelps for the whelping drop I am sure, as well as a 43 Tauren Shaman, who I am assuming was leveling.

I had to kill some ogres who were guarding my ore down in the cave, and they dropped some mageweave and a green item I was able to sell. Everything that drops in this 30 minutes counts towards my total!

Now, heading to the auction house, here is the gold I made:
  • Mithril Ore x54 - 84g
  • Iron Ore x43 - 24g
  • Truesilver Ore x2 - 4.5g
  • Heavy Stone x53 - 26.5g
  • Solid Stone x82 - 2.5g
  • Citrine x3 - 21g
  • Lesser Moonstone X1 - 4g
  • Black Vitriol x1 - 10s
  • 13x Mageweave Cloth - 3.25g
  • 1x Champion's Cape of the Falcon - 5g
Total Profit: 174.75g, which comes to 349.5g/hour!

Keep in mind this was an off-time for a VERY popular grinding spot. I can see why now. Mithril is still very high in demand, and very few zones have good, solid grinding of the ore. Hitting this zone at peak server times will not yield such high rewards.

Hope this helps, and good luck!