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wow paladin icon Making Gold - Jewelcrafting

Posted by Khor | 6/24/2009

I know lots of Paladins that have taken jewelcrafting as their profession, as the gem bonuses offer a nice little DPS boost. I, as a blacksmith and miner, am not privileged to these nice little perks, but my mage is. I took up JC with her to be able to cut my own gems, and to make a little gold on the side. Only I didn't make a little gold, I made ALOT of gold. Over the past week, I had gone from around 24k gold to 34k gold. This is a combo of all my AH toons and incomes (including dailies), but a good chunk of it has come from JC.

I buy anywhere from 10 to 40 stacks of Saronite Ore at less than or equal to 17g/stack. I then prospect each and everyone of them, with intention to sell the rare gems and make necks or rings to DE and sell the mats...here is what I do (values are approximate):

  • Sell Scarlet Ruby (70g), Twilight Opal (10g), Forest Emerald (7g), Autumn's Glow (15g), Monarch Topaz (12g), and Sky Sapphire (5g).
  • Make the following jewelry: Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citrine Necklace, Sun Rock Ring. (Each requires 2x Crystallized Earth in adition to the one gem)
  • DE the jewelery and sell Infinite Dust (4g/each), Greater Cosmic Essence (10g/each), and Small Dream Shard (6g/per).
  • Store the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal for future use as they currently do not make me much money. If I get a large amount, I may just sell the stack(s) for the vendor 5g/stack.

Here is my last recount:

  • Buy 27 stacks Saronite Ore(15g x 10 stacks, 17g x 17 stacks = 439g)
  • Buy 14 Eternal Earth (6g x 14 = 84g) (Broken down to 10x Crystallized Earth each)
  • Total spent = 523g

Here is what I got from the prospecting:

  • 5x Scarlet Ruby
  • 6x Monarch Topaz
  • 5x Sky Sapphire
  • 7x Forest Emerald
  • 5x Autmun's Glow
  • 5x Twilight Opal
  • 22x Chalcedony
  • 21x Huge Citrine
  • 19x Bloodstone
  • 17x Sun Crystal

Jewelry disenchanted into:

  • 84x Infinite Dust
  • 9x Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 1x Small Dream Shard

After making the jewelry and disenchanting, here is what I sold (and it all sold by the 48 hour mark):

  • Scarlet Ruby (65g) x5 = 325g
  • Monarch Topaz (12g) x 6 = 72g
  • Sky Sapphire (4.5g) x 5 = 22.5g
  • Forest Emerald (5.5g) x 7 = 38.5g
  • Autumn's Glow (15g) x5 = 75g
  • Twilight Opal (11g) x 5 = 55g
  • Infinite Dust (4g) x 84 = 336g
  • Greater Cosmic Essence (9.5g) x 9 = 85.5g

All this for a grand total of 1009.5g. That's a profit of 486.5g for about 20 minutes of work! I have done this each night for the past 8 days. My totals of profit were as follows:

  • Monday - 20 stacks of ore, 343.5g profit
  • Tuesday - 35 stacks of ore, 732g profit (lots of Scarlet Rubies this batch)
  • Wednesday - 18 stacks of ore, 194g profit
  • Thursday - 50 stacks of ore, 1186g profit
  • Friday - 40 stacks of ore, 910.5g profit
  • Saturday - 35 stacks of ore, 695g profit
  • Sunday - 22 stacks of ore, 407g profit
  • Monday - 27 stacks of ore, 486.5g profit

Grand total over 8 days: 4954.5g! Let's just round that off and say 5000g! Not too shabby. Alot of this depends on luck, mainly getting Scarlet Rubies and Infinite Dust/Lesser Cosmic Essence x2 procs...but there is money to be made!

I know I could probably cut the gems and sell them for more, but I have found that selling the raw gem by itself has a much higher turnover rate (people buying to cut themselves because it's cheaper, people leveling JC, and people buying raw gems to cut and sell for profit).

I know there are other facets to making gold with jewelcrafting, but this is my way, and so far, with the WoW economy prices as they are, it's working!