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wow paladin icon RCC Raiding - 6/16 & 6/18

Posted by Khor | 6/21/2009

This week we did not quite make it as far as the last. Maybe we weren't quite on our game, but Hodir gave us heaps of trouble. We got everything up to and including Hodir, leaving Mimiron, Thorim, and Freya still up. I won't be going tonight to finish the run, but they should tackle the rest, and hopefully get General down as well. Good luck guys!

My focus this time was to not die as much as last time, and try to improve my sustained DPS on the bosses. I failed at the first, and succeeded at the other.

We managed a one tower hard mode on FL with relative ease, and proceeded to knock out the next 3 bosses quickly. Razorscale dropped me this pretty cloak, Drape of the Drakerider. Major upgrade from Cloak of Bloodied Waters.

Kologarn and Auriaya went down easy, and thus ended Tuesday's raid. I came in 5th on DPS, floating between 5th and 6th all night. I think what is separating me from the top 4 or 5 is my gear. I don't think I'll hit top 3, as our top 3 DPS are two rogues and a kitty druid. They're hitting 5k+ dps with ease, and I was right around 4k or so, maybe a little more. Didn't have a WWS posted this week, so I have forgotten the actual numbers

So, Thursdays raid left us to start with Hodir, which we attmepted about 7 times, getting wipe after wipe for stupid reasons. I got caught in the flash freeze several times, though I was following the fight as precisely as I could. I was actualyl getting frozen in the middle of the safe area, so maybe I was lagging, I don't know. Regardless, we decided to go after the council and one-shotted that one.

At that point, we either had to choose Freya, Thorim, or Hodir (again). None of us were up for the trash on Freya, so we opted for Hodir one more time, and even were short a person this time around. One shot, one kill. Maybe Hodir was demoralized from the council getting decimated, but we knocked 2 full minutes off our record kill. 8 minutes last week and 6 minutes this week. Far from the 3 minute kill for hard mode, but a huge success considering our bountiful wipes earlier in the night. We gave Thorim two attempts before calling it.

When it was all over, I actually ended up with 3 pieces of loot, though only the cloak was DPS. The other two were pants and boots for my healing off-set.

This week I am hoping we can increase the pace a bit (not that we need to), just to challenge ourselves and see if maybe we can knock out one more boss the first night.