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wow paladin icon Mimiron - Ulduar 25

Posted by Khor | 6/14/2009

This past Thursday, RCC took down Mimiron! Our raid leaders did an excellent job of calling everything out, so much thanks to them for keeping us aware! My concern on this fight, as I had done it once in 10-man, was to stay alive. Phase 4 is usually what gets me, and I think I need to self-heal a little more often during that chaotic part of the fight.

We started of on our first attempt and got to phase 3 with a handful of peeps alive. Yours truly died somewhere in the second phase. I am not sure what hit me, but my instincts tell me I nudged just a smidge too far forwards and got blasted by one of the laser beams. I'm not really sure if that was it, but it was one blow and I was dead. I proceeded to watch the rest of my guild get dropped one by one, with the add tank being the last one alive (I think). Reminded me of Davy Crockett and the Alamo for whatever reason.

Anyways, we came back for attempt number two and burned through phase one. I scroll all the way out on my screen so I can see the mines, and made it out of them easy for each blast. I hate running out because it wastes precious dps time, but hey, at least I'm alive.

Phase two came and I really kept my distance, keeping pace as the middle section turned and spewed hell into our casters and healers. No lasers to the back of the head this time. This phase also went quick and phase three came fast.

Our warlock tank, Kikirt, did a great job as usual tanking the head O.o, and that phase rocked too. DPS'ing the adds is no big deal really, and we burned through the head every time it came down. It's still alot of running around, which of course I hate due to dps loss, but we got through this unscathed. Best part...I was still alive.

Phase four comes on and I am deisignated to dps the bottom section. I think we had one or two people down at this point. As we hit phase four, I was keeping up with the mines, lasers, and blasts pretty well. But as the boss started moving around it became more difficult, and after 3 successful blast evasions, the fourth one got me. I fell, and noticed half the raid was gone too. When I am button mashing my FCFS, it's hard to watch everything on the screen as I am trying to hit all my abilities as they come up, plus watch my DBM for blasts and mines, and then run out.

Regardless, the remaining DPS (I think I saw one tank and two or three melee left, the rest were ranged) focused on each part as needed, and as more guildies dropped I was thinking we were going to lose it at around 4% or so. But the healers did an amazing job and kept everyone up, allowing the few surviving DPS to burn through the rest of the fight, and we got our Mimiron kill! No loot for the pallies this time around, but the fight was fun as hell.