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wow paladin icon Paladin Heirloom Project Part III

Posted by Khor | 8/25/2009

This Paladin Heirloom Project has been a lot of fun so far. I am discovering new ways of leveling that is just helping me blow through levels. I started this as a fun project, and that is exactly what is has been so far. I am looking forward to seeing what results this will deliver.

The keys to me pulling through with my objectives for this project is to have as little downtime as possible, and to significantly reduce my travel time, which it looks like I will have no problem doing.

Continuing with my Paladin Heirloom Project, I am going to post levels 21 through 30 here.

Paladin Heirloom Project Part III

Levels: 21-30

Zones Involved: Westfall (21), Redridge Mountains (22-25), Wetlands (25-29), Duskwood (29-30)

Training at Levels: 22, 26, 30

Overall Time Elapsed: 12 hours 27 minutes

Gear Purchased: Done by a bank toon every couple levels, random BoE greens of the Bear and of the Tiger. Helms purchased at level 26 and 28 of the Bear.


  • Hand of Reckoning should now be engraved in your rotations for pulling mobs. Remember that this will only deal damage if the mob is not targeting you, so make sure to pull early on as your are closing in. It will also deal damage if the mob is running away in fear. The mana cost is ridiculously low, so it's a must in rotations at this point.
  • Rotation should now be: HoR (to pull) > Judgement until dead. Consecrate is usable, but a mana drain, so I avoided using it unless in packs of mobs. Determine what works best for you kill efficiency and time management. Though Consecrate was helping me kill mobs quicker, single targeting with HoR was keeping me constantly on the move, keeping my mana up for nearly 3x longer.
Redridge Mountains
  • You want to make sure and quest stack everything you can here to maximize your efficiency and time management.
  • As a Ret Paladin with the heirloom gear, you can solo the elite quests at 24 or 25. Make good use of your shield spells and Lay On Hands.
  • The quest to kill Lieutenant Fangore can prove difficult because of the mobs running for help in such close proximity to each other. Try entering that area along the northeast wall and pulling Fangore and his pack to you.
  • Travel to the Wetlands via Ironforge to Loch Modan, grabbing the flight path in Thelsamar on the way. Take the tunnels in north Loch Modan into Wetlands. Grab the Algaz Gauntlet quest from Mountaineer Rockgar and complete it on your way.
  • Quest Stacking as normal applies here.
  • When doing the Greenwarden quests, Consecrate AoE damage works best as you attack the gnoll camps.
  • Save all the Dun Modr quests until the very last.
  • Once all Wetlands quests are complete, head north from Dun Modr over the bridge to Foggy MacKreel, just on the west side across the bridge in the tower ruins over the water. You will have to jump to him. Grab his MacKreel's Moonshine quest that makes you travel to Southshore. Along the way, make sure to grab the Refuge Pointe flight path. Grab Southshore's FP as well.
  • Immediately after grabbing MacKreel's quest, dive under water, under the bridge, and locate the Waterlogged Envelope. It is in the hands of a dead dwarf trapped under some bridge debris. May be hard to find at first. This is a hidden quest that can be completed in Southshore. Make sure to stop by Ironforge on your way back from Southshore to turn it in and start the quest chain. Good XP.
  • Only here a short bit before I dinged 3o, but quest stacking rules apply.


Now that I had my mount, I was not running everywhere, so killing everything in my path is now obsolete unless I am literally running from objective to objective, in which case it still applies.

I was able to stay ahead of each zone's levels, keeping me 1 to 2 levels above most of the mobs in the area.

I ran into an issue trying to kill Gath'Ilzogg in Redridge, during which my Lay on Hands was not off cooldown, so he wiped the floor with me after I killed his whelp. Second time around I got him, popping Lay on Hands to keep me alive.

Wetlands went by really fast, but I wasted some time waiting for Giant Wetlands Crocolisks to respawn. They have a LONG respawn timer. It was awful.

By now, everything is so methodical that each level seems like it flies by. I had a bank toon buy a couple of upgrades, but for the most part I didn't really need to buy anything.

Next up: levels 31-40.