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With the new Argent Tournament daily quests available upon the release of patch 3.2, we now have several more options for some quick gold. And I mean quick. When I first started these, I was amazed at how quickly I was blowing through them, as a ret paladin of course. So, I decided to time my normal routine on this daily grind.

There are 9 available dailies, and I grabbed 7 of them, leaving out the mounted quests (citadel and the 4 marks). The reason I did this is because I had much easier alternatives and stopped doing them once 3.2 went live. Here are the quests I had:

Threat From Above - 13.23g / 2 Champion's Seals / 1 Champion's Purse
Taking Battle to the Enemy - 13.23g / 1 Champion's Seal / 1 Champion's Purse
Get Kraken! - 13.23g / 1 Champion's Seal
Deathspeaker Kharos - 13.23g / 1 Champion's Seal
You've Really Done it This time, Krul - 13.23g / 1 Champion's Seal
Rescue at Sea - 9.93g / 1 Champion Seal
Breakfast of Champions - 13.23g / 1 Champion's Seal

I started at 0823 AM and killed my last worm at 0840am.

I knocked out Taking Battle first, then crushed Chillmaw, see this post on how to solo Chillmaw as a retribution paladin. Next was Kharos and Krul, both located within about 5 seconds of each other.

Get Kraken was next, and that actually wasted some of my time as I was forced to sit on the bird even though I had completed the quest on my first pass. Rescue at sea was next, and I finished that in about 2 minutes. The tricky part about that is as a ret pally, you have no means to escape combat to fly away. The best way I've figured out is to jump into the water and swim down under the boat until you're free. Swim back to the boat ramp and take off!

The worms were last, and again, extra time spent flying to central Storm Peaks. As soon as I killed the last worm, I stopped my time.

Flying back to the tournament grounds, I sold my vendor trash and got my loot. I had about 6g worth of vendor trash from some gray weapon/gear drops from killing cultists, as well as about 5g already looted off their corpses. I received an extra seal from one of my Champion's Purses, so in 18 minutes I came away with:

9 Champion's Seals

Not bad at all. If you are pressed for time, but need some quick gold, try this out and see how you do!