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wow paladin icon Solo ZG, All the Rest - Ret Pally

Posted by Khor | 6/30/2009

Every single boss I list here is completely solo-able without any major hardships. There is no reason you can't just DPS and burn down each one of these:

  • High Priest Venoxis (snake boss)
  • High Priestess Mar'li (spider boss)
  • High Priestess Arlokk (panther boss)
  • Jin'Do the Hexxer
Venoxis and Jin'Do both have a set of adds immediately in front of them, so they will have to be cleared. Mar'li and Arlokk have no mobs in their immediate area, and therefore can be run to and killed without engaging any other enemies.
  • Gahz'ranka can be killed easily as well, but requires a Mudsunk Lure to fish him out of the water. I don't have the lures, therefore I do no kill him on my ZG runs. The Tome of Polymorph: Turtle he drops sells very well on the AH still, though.
  • I also skip the Edge ofMadness event. Not even going there.
For buffs on the bosses I use Retribution Aura, Seal of Command, and Blessing of Might. If for any reason health starts dipping low, Seal of Light can be used.

Dead and Looted: