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wow paladin icon Paladin Epic Mount

Posted by Khor | 7/21/2009

*Note: Patch 3.2 will be changing the whole riding system, so save your gold until 3.2 goes live!

The Paladin epic mount quest is no longer the only way to get the Charger mount. I, for one, am relieved, because that quest line takes a good chunk out of your time to complete it. Not to mention having to find a person (Level 70+) or group to help you. Now it can be simply bought from the Paladin trainers, with the additional purchase of Journeyman riding from a riding trainer.

3.2 Mount Changes

*Faction discounts now apply to all riding training.

Apprentice Riding (Skill 75)

60% land mount speed
Requires level 20
Cost: 4 gold
Mount cost: 1 gold

Journeyman Riding (Skill 150)

100% land mount speed
Requires level 40
Cost: 50 gold
Mount cost: 10 gold

Expert Riding (Skill 225)

150% flying mount speed; 60% land mount speed
Requires level 60
Cost: 600 gold
Mount Cost: 50 gold

Artisan Riding (Skill 300)

280% flying mount speed; 100% land mount speed
Requires level 70
Cost: 5,000 gold
Mount Cost: 100 gold

Purchasing Your Charger (Pre-Patch 3.2)

The Charger spell is available to Paladins at level 61. It's cost is 20g. However, you must have the Journeyman riding skill, which costs 600g without any faction discounts. With faction discounts, the cost drops to:

  • Friendly - 570g
  • Honored - 540g
  • Revered - 510g
  • Exalted - 480g
Most players should have no problem being at exalted with their home city if they stick to leveling by questing.

That's it, simple as that!

Questing For Your Charger

The quest lines and charger mount rewards are still intact, and can be completed at level 60. This is now considered the alternative method now, as the ease of dropping 500g or so is an instant acquisition. Nonetheless, here are the quest chains for both Alliance and Horde:

Alliance (Begins in Stormwind)

  1. Emphasis on Sacrifice - Cost 150g
  2. To Show Due Judgement
  3. Exorcising Terrordale
  4. The Work of Grimand Elmore
  5. Collection of Goods - Cost 150g, Strathholme Holy Waters x5, Arthas' Tears x10, Runecloth x40, Arcanite Bars x6
  6. Mana-Enriched Horse Feed - Cost 50g, Enriched Mana Biscuits x20
  7. Ancient Equine Spirit
  8. Blessed Arcanite Barding
  9. The Divination Scryer
  10. Judgement and Redemption - Final quest to kill Death Knight Darkreaver
Total gold/mats needed:

  • ~355g
  • Strat Holy Water x5
  • Arthas'' Tears x10
  • Runecloth x40
  • Arcanite Bars x6
  • Enriched Mana Biscuits x20
  • Azerothian Diamond x1
  • Pristine Black Diamond x1
Places Involved

  • Stormwind
  • Ironforge
  • Dire Maul
  • Stratholme (Undead side)
  • Scholomance
  • Eastern Plaguelands
  • Southshore
For detailed information on the quests, please see Wowwiki's quest info.

Horde (Begins in Silvermoon)

  1. A Summons From Lord Solonar
  2. The Master's Path
  3. A Gesture of Committment- Cost 150g, Sungrass x10, Dark Rune x5, Arcanite Bar x6, Runecloth x40
  4. A Demonstration of Loyalty
  5. True Masters of Light PartI
  6. True Masters of Light Part II - Cost 200g for Arcane Catalyst x1 and Crepuscular Powder x1
  7. True Masters of Light Part III - Must kill Aurius in Stratholme, and his 5 Paladins.
Total Gold/Mats Needed:

  • 350g (Includes gold spent on Arcane Catalyst x1 and Crepuscular Powder x1)
  • Runecloth x40
  • Sungrass x10
  • Dark Rune x5
  • Arcanite Bar x6
  • Azerothian Diamond x1
  • Pristine BlackDiamond x1
Places Involved

  • Silvermoon
  • Stratholme
  • Eastern Plaguelands
For detailed information on the quests, please see Wowwiki's quest info.