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wow paladin icon Patch 3.2 Ret Changes

Posted by Khor | 7/20/2009

I've had several people looking for 3.2 paladin changes on this site, and I thought I would take a moment to discuss the subject. With WoW giving us a very large patch, we can expect ot see quite a few changes for our class. Both PvE and PvP will see some noticeable changes.

However, since the PTRs are still live, everything is still up in the air. I have been watching several forums and threads closely, with Elitist Jerks giving the most solid information. Up until the patch goes live, everything is subject to change, so I will wait until then to make my updates here. Rest assured, though, I WILL make those updates when they are more concrete.

We do know a little bit about what we can expect to see. First, Seal of Vengeance/Corruption is going to be our raid seal of choice, while Seal of Command is more than likely going to be PvP. Seal of Blood has been removed, and SoV has been restructured so that we are able to achieve higher single target DPS.

The stat list will also see some changes, with haste more than likely dropping to the bottom of the chart. Strength seems to have reclaimed the top spot, with hit and expertise second and third respectively, followed yet again by critical strike.

We also can expect to be equipping some new glyphs this time around, though I'm not sure where each one will rank. I've seen arguments for Glyph of Consecration go back and forth, and I'm curious to see where it lies when the dust settles.

You can follow the 3.2 Ret Paladin PTR thread on Elitist Jerks, but be warned, there's some pretty heavy math and logic clinging to those posts (as is the EJ norm).

Until then, I will continue to update this site to keep information current, as well as continuing to add new content for all aspects of World of Warcraft gameplay.

Thanks to all those who have stopped by this past month!