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wow paladin icon Shadowsong: Khor's Vault Games & Quests

Posted by Khor | 10/06/2009

Welcome to Shadowsong Khor's Vault Games and Quests! Yes, I am on the US server Shadowsong, and I have decided to add a new twist to my daily World of Warcraft gaming experience.

Every week, or possible every two weeks, I will have a random quest or task that anyone can perform for either a reward of gold or maybe a high demand rare item or two. The harder the quest, the larger the reward!

  1. Only one entry per player, obviously must have a toon on Shadowsong. Don't have a toon on Shadowsong? No worries, you can still play along and win, just need to create a toon on the server! Some of the prizes will be VERY big!
  2. Must leave a comment under the week's game or quest post along with your character's name. This is how you will enter!
  3. Winners will be determined by a random number generator based on number of comments left.
  4. If the quest says to bring me a stack on linen cloth, you must bring me a stack of linen cloth when we meet or I will select another random winner.
  5. Since I am Alliance, Horde players that win will have to put an item up on the neutral auction house so I can purchase for the amount of gold won.
  6. That's it! Each weekly quest or game will have it's rules explained.
Don't worry about this consuming time. Unless I am offering gobs of gold as a reward, they will be simple tasks. The idea is for me to give you gold and rewards!

Yes, all my gold is 100% legit, I am very good at bringing in WoW money, and I figured this would be a fun thing to try!

Make sure to check back often to see what the current weekly quest is!

shadowsong khor's vault games and quests

October 2009
  • Week 1 - 10/6/09 thru 10/13/09 : Click Here! (Winner: Jorani)
  • Week 2 - 10/13/09 thru 10/20/09 : Click Here! (Winner: Galamora)
  • Week 3 - 10/20/09 thru 10/27/09: Click Here! (Winner: Findros)