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wow paladin icon Solo Bloodlord Mandokir - Ret Pally

Posted by Khor | 6/13/2009

Part of the greatness that is playing a Paladin is the ability to solo old content. Right now, DKs are still the kings of mastering vanilla WoW and TBC raids and dungeons, but we pallies are not far behind.

Most of what I have read on soloing Bloodlord for the Raptor Mount has been focused on either protection or holy specced pallies. I am really not that patient, so a slow and long fight does not interest me. Let me get in, get out, kick some ass, and collect my loot! Anything I run I try to do as ret.

So, here is how I am downing Bloodlord as ret. It really isn't that hard.

1) First stop in ZG is always Bloodlord for me, so I run straight there, avoiding any mobs on the way. As I get to his area, there are 4 mobs at the entrance you have to fight. Pull them inside to the right, opposite the raptor pack to the left, and put your back to the wall. Burn them down.

2) I clear the raptor pack next. I don't really have to worry about this to get to the boss, but I clear it for the hell of it.

3) Now time for the boss. For this, I pop Devotion Aura, Seal of Light, and Blessing of Kings. Just to be safe I will eat a Dragonfin Filet. This combo has proved to be the most effective for me. For judgement pusposes, I am always judging light unless I am at less than 10% mana. My stats are at about 19k HP and 6k mana.

4) I run towards the stairs and one shot the mob at the bottom. As Mandokir comes down to get me, I run up the stairs to the top of the platform and fight him at the very back. This is so when he fears me, I only run 1/4 of the way down the stairs, thus preventing me from aggroing any of the packs at the bottom. When I am out of fear, I run back to the back edge of the platform and continue fighting.

5) At the very first, both Mandokir and his Raptor are up, so I pop Avenging Wrath immediately and burn down the raptor as quickly as possible. This enrages Bloodlord, creating the hardest part of the fight. However, the enrage only lasts for a minute or two, so you have to survive. I use the usual FCFS rotation, minus consecrate, as it is a huge mana drain for this fight. While enraged, I usually have to pop Lay on Hands, because Divine Shield is still not available from the AW. I will use Flash of Light from Art of War as often as I need, and may have to cast the occasional Holy Light. I also use Divine Plea everytime it comes off CD. Right towards the end of his enrage, he is at about 60% hp. Sometimes I have to use Divine Shield when it comes off cooldown from AW, but it just depends on how the fight is going.

6) When his enrage ends, his dps drastically decreases, and I start laying on the damage. I will still need the occasional heal, but it's cake and he goes down pretty quickly after that. This part is very manageable, and if you can survive the enrage, you are golden.

No raptor for me thus far, but at least it's an easy 22g or so each time I get him down. 30g counting vendored loot he may drop.

Good luck to all those going for their mount!