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wow paladin icon Raid Progression RCC 06/11/09

Posted by Khor | 6/13/2009

I am a ret pally in the guild Redridge County College (RCC) on the US Shadowsong server. On Thursday, we proceeded into Ulduar 25-man and cleared out Thorim, Hodir, Freya, and Mimiron! It was the first attempts on every one of those bosses! We had a few wipes, but there wasn't anything that was overwhelmingly new, so we managed fairly well. Mimiron was the hardest by far, and we barely took him down. At the end there were only 8 or so people left standing, most of which were healers.

Now, this toon of mine is pretty new, as I created him just this year. I don't like to raid unless I know I can contribute , so I did some guild alt Naxx runs and pug Naxx 25 runs so I could catch up to my guildies, who were mostly in 10-man Ulduar. This was my third Ulduar raid, all having been 25-mans. I haven't set foot in 10-man yet, though I am eagerly awaiting our alt Naxx runs to turn into alt Ulduar runs.

Having said all that, I was putting out about 3500-4200 dps, depending on the fight. Overall I came in 6th place on DPS out of 16. Not too bad. And I finally got my first piece of Ulduar 25 loot, the Bladebearer's Signet. That was a huge upgrade for me, replacing Titanium Impact Band.

However, the upgrade did cause me a small dilemma. I was already over hit and exp capped, so this ring boosted me even higher, giving me basically useless stats. It also lowered my crit % down to 26%, which to me doesn't cut it. So, I switched from my Undiminished Battleplate to Tunic of Indulgence with two +16 str gems on it. My dps, dmg, and crit all went up. The crit went up about 2.8%, but the dps and damage increases were extremely miniscule. I am still hit capped, but am now 0.25% under the exp cap. I'm not thrilled about losing the exp, but I am sure I can get it back with another piece from Ulduar 25 (wtb +str/+exp gems). Just one tiny ring switch causing me to readjust, blah!

Guild is running again on Sunday for General and Yoggs, but I won't be able to make it. Good luck RCC! Looking forward to next Tuesday's run...

WWS for 6/11/09 <--- Clicky
This is only up for two weeks or so, so it'll expire after that time. Our Mimiron kill isn't on there for some reason...not sure why, doesn't even register any attempts. Regardless, my total damage sucks because I died...alot. Gonna have to work on that. Hardest thing for me to see are spells on or near the ground with all the melee around me. Going to have to figure out a way to keep out of the nasty damage.