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wow paladin icon RCC Raiding 6/24/09

Posted by Khor | 6/24/2009

Last night I was really psyched up about our raid. I was for sure we were going to push through everything fast! We burned through FL and left one tower up...2 badges hard mode. The Razorscale was up next...and my baby (supposed to be sleeping) woke up screaming. My night of raiding turned into a night of consoling my littile one. Absolutely hands down an easy decision to make, but raid nights are my only true "free time" nights. Wife was at a cooking co-op making us a bunch of dinners for the next couple week, so Dad to the rescue!

I ended up halfway participating in our Razorscale kill, and had to bail out after that. And guess what Ignis dropped about 10 minutes later? MY AXE! Grrrrr...

I felt bad for having to leave, but it turns out we had a couple more no-shows and a strange lack of healers, so after clearing the forge area, RCC called it for the night. Thursday should be much better.