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wow paladin icon New Site Almost Complete

Posted by Khor | 10/26/2009

Sorry I haven't posted anything new this last week. Even the patch notes were all skewed and I didn't have time to fix them.

I am working on an upgraded .com website/blog for retribution paladins and all aspects of world of warcraft casual and raiding game play.

Since I have a ton more content to put out, I needed something that let me have a bit more control than blogspot does. While this platform is free, the new site gives me much more control. Hopefully it will be easier for you guys to find something of use as well.

From Khor

My intention for this new site is the same as what I have done for this one...I want to bring a personal, first hand connection to everyone about all aspects of WoW gameplay. There are a ton of great WoW sites out there, full of news...but most tend to focus on end game raiding, and hardcore aspects, as well as a steady stream of current wow happenings.

I love these sites, and I visit them frequently. But what I feel is lacking is a more personal connection, as well as a focus on things outside of raiding. So my continued focus will be just that. No new posts will be up here because I am so close to the other site being ready. I will announce the Shadowsong Games week 3 winner, but that could be the last post.

See you guys on the flip side, and I'll be posting the new site soon!