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wow paladin icon Oh the Lag, Why doth thee plague me?

Posted by Khor | 8/09/2009

You know what? I hate Dalaran. Yep, I am struggling more than ever in the compact city, thanks to the massive amounts of loading and lag that takes place while I am simply trying to run from here to there.

Warcraft is fun, and I love playing the game, but Dalaran, and even Icecrown now, are just killing me. I'm not sure I am a huge fan of the concept that everything for level 80 players to do is in 2 zones. That's hundreds, and even thousands of players crammed into two tiny zones, creating abyssmal lag nightmares.

I have a decent system, and WoW runs very well everywhere else, except those two zones. I have found myself avoiding those areas completely, which sucks, becasue I'd love to continue doing the Argent Dawn Tourny content, but right now it's just not fun doing so.

The new coliseum dungeon and raid work fine, it's just the zones themselves.

Maybe when school starts up again some of the server traffic will slow down. Until then, I guess I'll continue with leveling my new paladin (heirloom project posts coming soon), and hitting some old world content like ZG and the like for my yet-to-be-gotten mounts.